Solem Line offers consolidated and full shipment services in the European and Scandinavian countries, providing full service. The company ensures safe delivery of cargo from a-z.

We organize shipping services in partnership with several carriers to optimize costs and reduce delivery time.

Frequently, when transporting cargo, it is necessary to provide a specific, constant temperature throughout the transportation time. The vehicles available in our fleet are capable of providing transport temperatures in the range of -25oC to + 25oC.

ADR freight transport is one of the most internationally regulated transport sectors. Solem Line is able to provide you with 100% warranty.

Solem Line develops and markets logistics solutions for oversized and heavyweight freight. We deliver by car, rail or sea.

Companies are offered a diverse delivery system with several additional options. We offer more affordable business solutions and each customer receives an individual approach.


Solem Line logistics specialists with long experience. By providing 100% return on our services, we build long-term cooperation with companies of various sizes and industries.

If you have difficulty finding the right partner in Logistics, contact us through the contact form provided and our professionals will contact you within one day.

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